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Laura Brennan

Laura Brennan


  • Pharmaceutical Microbiologist
  • 10+ years experience in the pharmaceutical industry
  • IRCA-accredited GMP provisional auditor
  • BSc Microbiology
  • Previous work within Pharmaceutical and Government agencies

Laura Brennan
Global Technical Consultant

Laura has previously worked as a Pharmaceutical Microbiologist, primarily with the manufacture of terminally sterilised products.

She has also worked with government run agencies, monitoring and ensuring environmental microbiological standards are being maintained.

Laura is a Global Technical Consultant on Ecolab’s contamination control expert team. Her extensive microbiological experience and knowledge has enabled her to support numerous companies through the validation and implementation process relating to cleanroom disinfectants.

She also assists companies with navigating change control for new contamination control regimes and additionally offers guidance on best practices in microbiological testing relating to disinfectants. Laura routinely presents on contamination control topics at industry seminars across the world.