Ecolab Life Sciences Cleanrooms


Ecolab Life Sciences supports pharmaceutical manufacturers by delivering a comprehensive, programmatic approach to cleanroom contamination control.

Our end-to-end cleanroom products and solutions allow pharmaceutical manufacturers to have safer processes, reduce risks, meet regulatory requirements, support compliance initiatives, and realize operational efficiencies and cost savings.

Alcohols for Cleanrooms

Manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities to the principles of cGMP, the range of Klercide™ sterile and filtered alcohols for cleanrooms are ideal for use in rotation with other products in the Klercide™ product line.

Disinfectant Being Used in Cleanroom Environment
Disinfectants, Sporicides and Biocides for Cleanrooms

The Klercide™ range of hard surface cleanroom disinfectants, sporicides and biocides offers a variety of product formats and variants to help control microbial contamination and bacterial spores.


Manual Cleaning Product in Cleanroom
Cleanroom Residue Removal and Cleaning Solutions

Ready to Use and Concentrate solutions, compatible with Ecolab application equipment, enable high grade manufacturing areas to provide effective hard surface cleaning and residue removal.

Cleaning Equipment for Cleanrooms
Cleanroom Cleaning Equipment

Our complete cleanroom cleaning solutions include a range of mopping systems and cleaning equipment to help you with traditional, manual cleaning processes in the cleanroom.


POUCH AND MOP WIPES FOR CLEANROOMSMop with Cleanroom Mop Wipe and Three Bucket System
Pouch and Mop Wipes for Cleanrooms

We provide an extensive choice of sterile presaturated and dry wipes for use on hard surfaces in the controlled environment. All cleanroom wipes are gamma irradiated and are composed of low particulate, non-woven or 100% polyester material.

Bioquell Hydrogen Peroxide Vaper Biodecontamination Technology
Bio-Decontamination for Cleanrooms

Ecolab’s Bioquell Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour technology helps maintain fast, efficient, residue-free bio-decontamination.

Sterishield™ Delivery System Spray
Sterishield™ Delivery System (SDS)

Available on most Ecolab cleanroom products, the closed and validated trigger spray system is an effective cleaning and disinfection programme that ensures content sterility throughout use.

Worker with Cleanroom Wipe
Get Ahead of Regulatory Changes in Your Cleanrooms

An overview of global trends in cleanroom regulation and details a strategy for getting ahead of these regulatory changes — minimising change-management costs, mitigating compliance uncertainty and the potential for audit findings, and enabling pharmaceutical manufacturers to focus their resources on their core business. 

Bioquell Biodecontamination Equipment and Expert
Automated Cleanroom Bio-Decontamination Solutions with Bioquell Technology

From the smallest enclosure to an entire building, Bioquell engineers can provide a customized treatment with the Bioquell Rapid Bio-Decontamination Service (RBDS). The service is available for scheduled needs, emergency response situations, and as part of disaster recovery protocols. Full reporting with validated results through the use of Bioquell biological and chemical indicators are provided after each appointment.

Ecolab Life Sciences Experts
Technical Expertise From Industry Experts

Ecolab’s Life Sciences experts are passionate about patient safety, customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance. We provide manufacturers a partnership and confidence through achievable cleaning and disinfection programmes.