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Hospitals and Surgery Centres

Innovative, enterprise-wide health, quality and safety protection solutions to optimise efficiency, lower total costs and improve patient satisfaction and staff engagement scores.

Hospital and Surgery Centres

Ecolab Infection Prevention In Hospitals

An Integrated Approach to Infection Prevention 

Your internal teams do their best to make sure each member knows their role and responsibility - but do they know the impact their department has on the entire hospital? By educating your teams on department inter-connectivity, your hospital can develop an integrated approach to better infection prevention practices. 


Ecolab’s programmes were created to achieve better outcomes for hospitals, reduce hospital acquired infections (HAIs) and improve operational efficiency. 

The Ecolab Healthcare Solution
Cleaner, Safer Hospitals
Ecolab programmes address critical issues that affect patient outcomes and your hospital's bottom line. Our programmes can help optimise patient care, provide hospital wide efficiency, improved patient and staff satisfaction and help build your hospital's reputation for quality in the markets you serve.

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