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From maximising recovery to improving ore grade, your copper processing operation has unique needs that depend on a balanced and precise process.  Our goal is to help our customers maximise productivity and profitability by providing solutions that optimise copper processing and molybdenum processing. Our team works closely with customers to better understand requirements and ultimately help to improve overall performance, while reducing downtime and operating costs. From copper flotation to material handling, we strive to continuously develop innovative technologies that deliver a broad range of programmes for mining processing.

Recovery, Grade, and Sustainability - Driving Value for Copper Processing Operations

Today’s copper processing operation requires a calculated combination of safety, profitability, efficiency, and product quality while helping to sustain the surrounding environmental resources.  Your process depends on a carefully balanced flotation circuit that considers everything from inbound ore and water quality to the correct chemistry within the circuit itself.  Nalco Water offers a wide range of frothers and collectors that allow you to optimise your conditions for optimal flotation performance.  

By choosing the appropriate partner, you can significantly improve recovery and selectivity in your operations, whether you are recovering copper, molybdenum, or both. Beyond copper flotation, Nalco Water can partner with you in everything from material handling to tailings management, allowing you to optimise your entire operation from mine to mill.

Cover Article for Mineral Flotation and Nalco Water in Mining Magazine

Nalco Water Featured in “Mining Magazine: Floating Ideas – The Latest Trends in Flotation in the Mineral Processing Industry”

Dr. Nik Zwaneveld discusses flotation trends in mineral processing in Mining Magazine October issue and the latest reagent offerings from Nalco Water. Mining Magazine, October 2018.

Performance Through Solutions

Nalco Water is a partner that delivers economic and environmental value. By focusing on the entire copper processing operation, we help increase yield, grade, and recovery while conserving energy, water, and raw materials. Using our copper processing aids, our approach results in optimised productivity and throughput, which can positively impact our customers' bottom line.  We use decades of industry experience, innovative technologies, local on-site expertise, and a global network of research labs and personnel to deliver the copper processing results you need.


Copper, Nickel and Zinc Success Stories

Copper processing plant machinery

Nalco Water Frother Programme Helps Copper Concentrator to Increase Recovery and Reduce Total Cost of Operations

A copper mine in South America partnered with Nalco Water to help achieve their operational goals.  The goals included improving recovery through their copper flotation circuit, increasing productivity, and ultimately reducing the total cost of operations while ensuring a safe production environment.  By introducing FrothPro 507, a specific product in our diverse portfolio of frothers, Nalco Water helped the mine save on maintenance and increase recovery by 2,526 tons per year, amounting to $14.98M in value delivered to the customer.  Download the case study below to learn more.

Mining Water Pipeline

Heavy Metal Removal Programme Helps to Drive Sustainability and Compliance at Copper Mine for Over 10 Years

Long-lasting relationships between companies and their suppliers are often based on the confidence generated by good results. This has been the case of the long relationship between Nalco Water and a large copper mine in Spain.  The mining company asked Nalco Water to assist them with reducing the amount of heavy metals in discharged water.  By introducing NALMET™, a proprietary technology that supports the removal of heavy metals, Nalco Water has helped the mine avoid fines and lost production time due to regulations for over 10 years. Download the case study below to learn more

Copper and Moly Processing Solutions

Learn how our solutions for copper and molybdenum can help improve overall performance while reducing downtime and operating costs.

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