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Our innovative, integrated pulp mill process aids improve your pulp and paper products and positively impact your operations. Our chemistries and technology will ensure greater asset reliability, decreased operating costs and increased production of pulp with target kappa numbers.

Whether you implement our pulp mill scale control solutions or ask our pulp mill experts for guidance on improving brown stock washing, our experienced team is dedicated to enhancing your pulp product profitability and minimising environmental, health and safety concerns.
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SuperWash™ Technologies Defined Value

Nalco Water SuperWash technology offers customers the ability to maximise brown stock washing efficiency and improve pulp product. 


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Inorganic Scale Control

Pulp mills can experience considerable scale deposit problems. Proper antiscalants can eliminate these costly and troublesome operational problems.

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Customer Success Stories

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Nalco BDP1309™ Chip Penetrant Improves Operations

A Eucalyptus pulp producer sought an alkaline charge reduction to reach target kappa number. Nalco’s Chip Penetrant reduced alkali needs, improved pulp washing and yielded annual savings of $6.5M.

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Brown Stock Wash Aid Programme Saves in Annual Energy Consumption

Nalco’s pulp products, like a custom silicone based brown stock washing aid, saved a kraft mill $800,000 in annual energy costs. 

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Bleached Kraft Pulp Mill Saves in Bleaching Chemicals

A poorly run antiscalant programme was causing shutdowns at a bleached pulp mill. Pulp process aid, SCALE-GUARD PLUS, saved $5/ton in bleaching chemicals.

Pulp Mill Additives

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