Pest Solutions for Healthcare

Strict hygiene requirements make it more important than ever to ensure your patients, visitors and staff are safe from pests. Ecolab helps you protect patient health and your reputation. Our Healthcare programme emphasises a proactive approach to pest elimination through detailed inspections, correcting structural and sanitation issues and using non-chemical solutions whenever possible to maximise efficacy and patient safety.

Pest Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

We provide comprehensive pest and treatment options customized to meet the needs of hospitals and clinics as well as long term care properties. We understand the importance of keeping a pest free environment for patient and resident safety  - and to protect your brand reputation.

We are committed to a higher standard. Ecolab goes beyond pest control, putting our expertise to work every day to solve the industry's most complex pest challenges. Though our proactive people and innovative spirit, we protect your today, while advancing new and better solutions to protect you tomorrow.


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Our free site survey brings experts directly to you. Our trained surveyors will assess your site and requirements and provide you with a thorough report detailing how you can protect your business against pests and the risks they pose.


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