Seraman™ Sensitive

Seraman™ Sensitive is a gentle hand wash formulation with pH 5.5 that maximises skin cleansing efficacy whilst maintaining excellent skin compatibility. Seraman™ Sensitive is available in both foam and liquid formats and have been specifically developed for frequent use by healthcare professionals.
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Product Details

For the special needs of a sensitive skin

  • Modern surfactants
  • Free of coloring agents
  • Scent free
Our performance Your advantage
Particularly skin-compatible surfactant combination with APG (alkyl polyglucoside)

Suitable mainly for persons with sensitive skin

• Free from coloring and aroma additives
• Use of a compatible preservative agent
Low allergenic potential, less skin irritation

APG is obtained from renewable raw materials such as corn, potatoes, wheat and natural fats such as coconut oil and palm kernel oil

Very good environment compatibility; easily degradable without leaving residue
Seraman™ sensitive foam:
• Foam application
• Robust, creamy foam
• Economical
• Easily washable
• Very compatible
• Up to 70% product saving and lower water consumption

Application areas

  • For washing hands, body and hair
  • For washing hands for hygienic and surgical alcohol hand disinfection
  • Can be used in the food service and food processing industry
  • For persons with sensitive skin, such as infants, children, those receiving care and older people

Instructions for use

When should I wash my hands?

  • If they are visibly contaminated with blood or other bodily fluids
  • After possible contact with potentially spore-releasing pathogens, including Clostridium difficile
  • After going to the bathroom

Wet hands with water. Apply 1-2 pumps to the palm
of one hand.
Rub hands palm to palm to build lather and wash hands  thoroughly.
Rinse hands with water. Dry hands thoroughly with a disposal towel. Your hands are now clean and safe.

Seraman sensitive is a cosmetic product with a shelf life determined according to the requirements of the cosmetics ordinance. Within the scope of product development, Ecolab carries out extensive stability studies that ensure the stability of the product within the minimum shelf life stated on the packaging.

With our cosmetics, the shelf life indicated on the product is ensured even with repeated opening of the container or after opening in the wall dispenser.

A special notice on the shelf life after opening is therefore not required according to the cosmetics ordinance.

Seraman® sensitive washing lotion:

Water, sodium laureth sulfate, PEG-7-glyceryl cocoate, lauryl glucoside, laureth-2, sodium benzoate, citric acid.

Seraman® sensitive foam:

Water, sodium laureth sulfate, PEG-7-glyceryl cocoate, lauryl glucoside, laureth-2, sodium benzoate.


For more product details, pack sizes and all relevant order codes, please download the product brochure below.


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