Nexa Hand Hygiene System

Introducing the Nexa dispensing system, part of Ecolab's Hand in Hand Programme. At Ecolab we've developed a hand hygiene programme that combines our state-of-the-art formulations with technology and training, making your hand hygiene safe, simple and efficient. The Nexa dispenses a variety of gels, foams and liquids, so you can easily change products without changing dispensers. The Nexa touch free dispenser is available for high risk areas.
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Equipment Details

  • Nexa's patented pump pulls excess product back, reducing clogs and drips, minimising the risk of slips and trips.
  • Nexa's collapsible cartridge takes up less bin space and can be recycled after use, supporting environmental initiatives.
  • The cartridge design ensures there is exceptionally low product residue helping to minimise wastage costs.
  • Refilling the dispenser is easy, cartridges fit only one way for correct loading every time.
  • Clear sides provide an easy view of product usage level and the product expiry date is also visible at a quick glance for timely and easy replenishment.
  • An easy-to-access hidden lock helps to increase safety by deterring tampering for peace of mind, especially useful in public areas.
  • The manual push bar features an antimicrobial protection that continuously inhibits the growth of bacteria.
  • Nexa cartridges are interchangeable and can be used in both manual and touch free dispensers removing the need to store multiple product formats.
  • The long battery life of the Nexa touch free dispenser reduces maintenance requirements.
  • An LED indicator gives users a warning of when batteries need to be changed, preventing downtime.
  • A constant dose output ensures the correct amount of product is used from the first to the last stroke.
Description Unit Size Outer Size Order Code 
Nexa Manual Dispenser




Nexa Touch Free Dispenser




Nexa Protective Shield




Nexa Lock and Key Kit

10 locks and 2 keys



Nexa Key Kit

10 keys




For more product details, pack sizes and all relevant order codes, please download the product brochure below.


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