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Leading health organisations have stated that hand hygiene is the most important measure to prevent spread of infection. It is also the simplest, most effective method for preventing healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs).

However, studies show that healthcare workers are compliant less than 40% of the time.1

The Ecolab Premium Hand Hygiene Programme can help your hospital achieve and sustain compliance to limit the spread of HCAIs by combining infection prevention consultancy with efficacious products, modern technology and data-driven insights.

Ecolab’s Premium solution introduces electronic compliance measurement to give hospitals accurate data and visibility to reach and sustain improved compliance levels by:

  • Creating a patient zone around the bed using a sensor to capture hand hygiene opportunities.
  • Accurately collecting Hand Hygiene events through soap and alcohol dispensers.
  • Gently nudging healthcare staff to perform Hand Hygiene.
  • Providing actionable insights via an online portal, available 24/7.


1. Erasmus V, Daha TJ, Brug H, et al., Systematic review of studies on compliance with hand hygiene guidelines in hospital care. Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol 2010;31:283–294

Hand Hygiene
Compliance Measurement System

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Actionable Insights & Digital Dashboards

Customisable, user-friendly and anonymous dashboards collect data on hand hygiene behaviours and measure compliance. The system allows automatic analysis of the robust data collected to support a culture of continuous improvement.


An overview of the hand hygiene compliance in your hospital. These actionable insights allow hygiene mentors to strategically focus efforts and follow improvement trend.

Four data driven tools for your improvement work

Activate your hand hygiene compliance data with four digital tools developed in collaboration with two Danish University Hospitals.

Weekly Improvements

Quick insight overview to update the team weekly on hand hygiene compliance.

Team insights

Breakdown compliance data to team insights based on job role or ward, highlight areas of improvement.

Intelligent Nudging

Bring healthcare workers attention towards hand hygiene with visual nudges. A cue for attention and a reward as feedback.

Individual Motivation2

Provide individuals with their compliance and allow them to use the insights to improve their own performance.

2. Individual Motivation is on a voluntary basis and remain anonymous to the organisation.

Aim to reduce bed stays and clinical staff absenteeism in your hospital3

Ecolab have a team of clinically trained Implementation Specialists, who help evaluate current Hand Hygiene practices and identify areas for improvement, resulting in better patient outcomes and safer working environments.

3. Guest et al. Modelling the costs and consequences of reducing healthcare-associated infections by improving hand hygiene in an average hospital in England.
BMJ Open 2019; 9:e029971. oi:10.1136/bmjopen-2019-029971


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