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Training Has Never Been So Easy

During time of rising consumer expectation and standards in regards to food safety it is critical to ensure compliance throughout all cleaning and disinfection processes in the stores.

High compliance rating can only be ensured if the store employees understand what cleaning and disinfection products to use for a specific application and how to use it correctly.

To ensure a well trained staff is challenging considering the high fluctuation, language barriers and different shifts.

In addition to our face to face training conducted by our knowledged field service team we have now developed FRANK.

All Your Products on Your Fingertip in an Easy to Use Training App

FRANK is a personalised digital app that provides training content at one fingertip and at any time. It comprises easy to understand and highly relevant training content including self-explanatory pictures and step by step instructions using videos. And the good things is that it has never been so quick and easy to get exactly the information needed - simply by scanning the product barcode or selecting it from the product and application list.

FRANK will accompany your store employees at any time and support driving safety, food safety and cleanliness in the store. 

What Does FRANK Offer?

FRANK app on a mobile phone


  • Digital personalised training app
  • All relevant information about the products in an easy to understand and visual format
  • Short, informative application videos and supportive materials for quick use
  • Barcode scan for quick access
  • Link to your e-learning content (directly on the mobile)
  • Link to MARKETGUARD™ 365
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  • Easy, fast and safe operations
  • Convenient usage
  • Fully trained store employees
  • Increased food safety compliance
  • Increased efficiency and reduced number of mistakes
  • Accessible everywhere and at any time