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ELADOS Pump Rack

Elados Pump rack
Dispensing solution for tunnel washers

The ELADOS Pump Rack is a compact dosing system for tunnel washers. 

The ELADOS Pump Rack is a scalable dosing solution for optimizing dosing speed and accuracy in the laundry. It integrates high performance Ecolab diaphragm pumps (Turbo Pumps or EMP Pumps) and is designed to work with new Ecolab myControl PLC and real-time data management systems

Main features
  • reliable and compact
  • pre-assembled to minimise the installation
  • membrane pumps
  • integrated manifold
  • grouped for alkaline and acid products
  • compliant with CE, RoHS II and WEEE

For more information please download the ELADOS Pump Rack data sheet

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