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ELADOS Compact

ELADOS Compact
dispensing solution for tunnel washers

The ELADOS Compact is the new generation of dosing systems, with 5 dosing points per tunnel washing machine.

This unit saves space with a compact design and is easily and quickly installed. Thanks to it's modular design, the configuration can be entirely customized and electric devices have no contact to chemicals. 
Main features
  • Supply of 5 dosing points per tunnel washing machine with 2 to 4 products
  • Flow meter (OGM+)
  • Leak detection
  • Integrated splash protection
  • Flush for each line to the DP's
  • Pumps related to compartments
  • Max. 5 OGM+ / Rotameter optional
  • ULTRAX Compact valve block

For more information please download the ELADOS Compact data sheet

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