Ecobrite Professional Laundry System

Meeting Customer Expectations

Our solutions help establishments all over the world optimise their laundry operations and provide their customers with the best possible laundry service for their guests. We help you achieve clean, white, fresh textiles that your guests and residence expect. The Ecobrite professional laundry system combines high quality products with automated dosing systems backed by our world-class service, offering you the best cleaning results, safely and efficiently.  

Delivering Customer Satisfaction

Everyday our skin comes into contact with laundered textiles from clothing to table cloths, to bed sheets and towels, the appearance, touch and fragrance of these fabrics can influence the perception customers or residents have on your operation. Whether you are a care home, foodservice or hospitality operation cleanliness is a key factor when it comes to customer satisfaction, with laundry being one of the fundamental elements for the efficiency of your cleaning operation.

Clean, White, Fresh Textiles

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Ecobrite Low Temp Laundry Programme

Our high performing, sustainable laundry offering which improves cleaning performance, delivers disinfection control and provides operational and sustainable efficiencies at 40°. The range delivers;

  • The highest whiteness at low temperatures
  • EU Ecolabel certification for detergents
  • Excellent wash performance at low temperatures
  • Extended textile life-cycle
  • Optimized water and energy costs
  • Reduced carbon emissions 
  • Disinfection compliant according to BPR
Ecobrite Laundry Programme

Our Ecobrite Laundry Programme is the flexible solution for your laundry operation. The range delivers; 

  • Wide range of liquids
  • Great results on ALL TYPES of textiles, even delicate
  • Controlled dosing through precise dosing equipment
  • Precise consumption control 
  • Ecological certifications
  • Versatile solution for all types of customers
  • Ideal to work on machines from 12 kilos upwards
Helping To Support Your Laundry Operation
We help improve performance and assistance laundries operate efficiently, by optimizing water and energy use. We offer a complete disinfection efficacy and keep delicate and general textiles clean, white, soft and fresh – thanks to our innovative programme deliveries.

Ecobrite Products

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ecolab’s global team of experts have compiled a library of resources and relevant information to help provide guidance on maintaining a clean, safe and healthy operation.  Helping to protect and build confidence with your employees, guests, residents and visitors.

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Programmes Supported by World Class Service

Backed by a team of scientists and industry specialists, Ecolab Service Representatives provide regularly scheduled service, sales and support as well as onsite employee training and inspections. We help customers reduce utility consumption, optimise labour and improve the life and efficiency of their entire operation.

Our Approach to Sustainability

At Ecolab, sustainability is an integral part of everything we do. Through technology, information, on-site service and training, we help companies around the world achieve exceptional business results, while advancing a positive environmental and social impact. The work we do matters, and the way we do it matters to our employees, customers and our communities.

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