AdvaCare Solutions

Protecting Patients with Accuracy. Wherever They are. 

AdvaCare healthcare laundry Solutions will help healthcare facilities to focus on what matters the most:  protecting people by reducing infections and assuring perfectly clean and safe hospital linen.

Powerful and Sustainable Washing Solutions 


AdvaCare ULTIMATE is a premium washing solution that ensures best-in-class washing performance, the highest operational efficiency, and a state-of-the-art environmental profile.

Main features:

  • Unmatched disinfection starting at just 40°C according to the latest Biocidal Product Regulations (BPR) of the EU
  • Outstanding wash performance at 40°C
  • Excellent colour retention & whiteness
  • Extended textile lifetime
  • EU Ecolabel certificate on detergent
  • Reduced carbon footprint


AdvaCare PRO

AdvaCare PRO is a leading-edge washing solution that secures effective wash performance, optimised operational costs, and supports commercial laundries in managing their operations sustainably.

Main features:

  • Effective disinfection at 60°C onwards according to the latest Biocidal Product Regulations (BPR) of the EU
  • Efficient wash performance 
  • Best-in-class whiteness at 60°C
  • Optimal textile lifetime
  • EU Ecolabel certification on detergent

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