The double threat of Seasonal Flu & COVID-19

PRESENTERS: Dr Maren Eggers and Dr Pierre Parneix

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Watch the recording of this online seminar below and hear from two experts in virology & infection prevention, who highlight the differences between seasonal flu and SARS-CoV-2 and why this SARS-Cov-2 differs from other known coronaviruses. 

How Can We Protect Ourselves and Our Business This Winter?

Watch the recording to an event we held with two experts in virology & infection prevention, Dr. Maren Eggers and Dr. Pierre Parneix who address the transmission of both flu and SARS-CoV-2, what we can do to prevent the spread of these viruses and how infection prevention measures can be implemented and sustained in the future to keep yourself, others & your operations safe. 

About the Presenters

Dr Maren Eggers

Dr. Maren Eggers is an Associate Lecturer in clinical virology at Heidelberg University and is the head of Virology, Technical Hygiene and Disinfectant Testing at the Laboratory Prof. G Enders MVZ, Stuttgart, Germany. Dr. Eggers specializes in virus diagnostics, virus disinfection and hygiene. She has led several research projects in diagnostic and hygiene. Dr. Eggers research applies to the study of medical virology.

Dr. Eggers played a key role in establishing the European in vivo hand method for testing of disinfectants on norovirus. She also introduced the European carrier tests for the evaluation of virucidal activity of chemical disinfectants for surfaces and instruments used in the medical area.

The new national and European guidelines for disinfectant testing were also successfully established by Dr. Eggers to support efficacy of disinfectants tests.

Dr. Eggers has a diploma in biology at the Philipps-University Marburg, a PhD and a habilitation for clinical virology at Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg.

She is also a member of the European Committees for standardization (Chemical disinfectants and antiseptics) and responsible for the virucidal task group of WG1/TC 216 of the European Committees for standardization . In addition, she is chairwoman of the Commission for Virus Disinfection of the DVV e.V. and the German Society for Virology and member of the disinfectant commission in the Association for Applied Hygiene (VAH).

Dr Pierre Parneix

Pierre Parneix is a French medical doctor specialized in public health and infection control since 1992. He is the head of the Nouvelle Aquitaine healthcare-associated infection control centre (CPIAS NA) which is based at Bordeaux university hospital in cooperation with Limoges and Poitiers university hospitals. The CPIAS NA is in charge in France of two national missions, one called SPARES dedicated to amtimicrobial resistance surveillance and prevention in healthcare settings. The other called MATIS is in charge of communication and intervention support in the field of healthcare associated infection prevention.

He has been the President of the French Society for Hospital Hygiene (SF2H) between June 2015 and June 2019 and in charge of its international relationships between 2009 and 2019. Pierre Parneix is the Education Director of the Clean Hospitals project. Pierre Parneix is one of the five members of the independent mission led by Didier Pittet and created in France by President Emmanuel Macron to review the French COVID crisis management. This mission has already published an interim reportBad buzz fighter and root cause analyses committed defender.

Protection Starts with Prevention

Ecolab is a trusted, worldwide partner. We protect the places where people eat, sleep, work, play and heal. We offer an array of solutions to help maintain a clean, safe and healthy operation, including hand hygiene programmes, cleaning and disinfection programmes, training and more.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ecolab’s global team of experts have compiled a library of resources and relevant information to help provide guidance on maintaining a clean, safe and healthy operation.  Helping to protect and build confidence with your employees, guests, residents and visitors.

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Seasonal Flu

While public health officials cannot predict the severity of the upcoming flu season, we do know that protection starts with prevention. Watch and download our latest flu materials to help you prepare for the flu season ahead, minimising exposure and keeping your employees, guests, residents and visitors safe.

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