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The Impact of Small Flies on Food Safety

PRESENTER: John Barcay, Ph.D. Senior Scientist, Ecolab

As an all-too-common sight in food service facilities, fruit flies have long been thought to be simply nuisance pests. But new, groundbreaking research from Ecolab Pest Elimination’s R&D scientists has shown that this tiny fly can be a significant health threat – on par with the known disease-carrying hazards of the house fly.  
This session will teach you:
The difference between large flies (a.k.a. House Flies) and small flies (a.k.a. Fruit Flies)
Why fruit flies are present in food-handling facilities
The biology and habits of fruit flies
The risks fruit flies pose to food safety and public health as demonstrated by Ecolab’s research
What food-handling establishments can do to help prevent and eliminate them from their facilities 


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