Water Flow Intelligence

Water Flow Intelligence

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Water Flow Intelligence delivers data-driven insights to help you gain real-time visibility of your operations at the enterprise, site and asset levels. The service helps uncover water savings opportunities with industry-leading expertise, asset performance insights, and leak and flow analysis.

How Water Flow Intelligence Works

Water Flow Intelligence provides the necessary data at your fingertips so you can manage your water and related resources with confidence.

Aggregates water-use inputs in real time
allowing you to focus on delivering strategic, sustainable outcomes

Drives swift action
with enhanced alarming capabilities, supported 24/7/365 by engineers at our Ecolab Global Intelligence Centre

Helps evaluate the effectiveness
of your water management plan against enterprise and industry standards

With Water Flow Intelligence, you’re empowered to make swift and strategic decisions to help achieve your sustainability goals and reduce your total cost of operation (TCO):


Identify benchmarks to gauge efficiency across your enterprise

Cooling Water Treatment

Outline recommended actions to improve your water footprint


Evaluate the impact of water-saving projects implemented throughout your organisation

Real-World Success Story

Reducing Water Usage in the Automotive Industry

One of the world’s leading automakers saves 25 million gallons (94.6 million liters) of water per year at a single assembly plant with Water Flow Intelligence.

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