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FLOCMASTER™ Mixing Technology

Sludge is produced at various steps of the wastewater treatment process. Dewatering sludge is an essential step in meeting environmental and total cost to operate (TCO) goals. Poor dewatering leads to high water content of the sludge, which has a great impact on the sludge volume, disposal route and cost. Flocmaster mixing technology combined with a Nalco Water Sludge Dewatering Programme integrates all your chemical, equipment, and service needs for an optimum sludge management operation.  

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Flocmaster Mixing technology enhances traditional polymer programs by incorporating patented mixing technology along with Nalco Water’s leading chemistries and dosing systems. 

Flocmaster has a documented impact on overall TCO:

  • 60 – 90% freshwater reduction
  • 24 – 47% increase in polymer efficiency
  • Up to 50% increase in plant throughput
  • 3.2 point average increase in cake solids
  • Overall TCO reduction up to $850,000 ($135,000 average) 
FLOCMASTER Solution Stories

Flocmaster Mixing technology can be successfully deployed in many wastewater dewatering applications including centrifuge, screw press, belt press or in a plate and frame filter press. From food and beverage to pulp and paper, Flocmaster is the ideal mixing and injection strategy for optimum eROI impact. Find out more:

Paper Industry:
- FLOCMASTER™ Technology Delivers Superior Sustainability Performance and Major Savings in Operating Costs at a Paper Mill in Southern Europe
- North America Dewatering Optimization for Paper Mill Sludge
Mining Industry: 
- Advanced FLOCMASTER Technology Delivers Reductions in the Total Cost of Operation at a Soil Cleaning Plant in Europe
Food & Beverage Industry: 
- Advanced FLOCMASTER Technology Improves Sustainability Performance and Reduces Waste Treatment Operating Costs at a Major Food Processing Plant in Northern Europe