GFSC 2018 Ecolab dinner

Ecolab Dinner at GFSC 2018

Please join us for dinner at HakuhoKan, located within the beautiful Happo-en garden in the centre of Tokyo. Happo-en is a picturesque venue of traditionally styled buildings set in a Japanese garden dating back almost 400 years. Learn more about Happo-en.

Ecolab is proud to be a sponsor of the 2018 GFSI Global Food Safety Conference in Tokyo, Japan.

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GFSC 2018 Ecolab Dinner Hakuho Kan Japan
Cocktail Hour in the garden

Happo-en is a traditional Japanese garden built in the 17th century and populated with many bonsai trees more than 100 years old.

gfsi 2018 ecolab dinner sake
Dinner and Sake Tasting

The exquisite HakuhoKan banquet hall showcases Japanese architecture. Dinner guests can enjoy Japanese cuisine and take part in a sake barrel ceremony and tasting.

Taiko Drum Show

Guests will be treated to a live  taiko performance, a theatrical, high-spirited style of drumming.

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