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PERformance® 60
60°C disinfecting solution for hospital textiles

Ecolab is setting sustainable standards in terms of quality, energy efficiency and savings for the laundry market with its PERformance® 60 programme. What this means for individual laundries is high level of quality and savings of water and energy costs.

PERformance® 60 concept contains the combination of Ecolab's Emulsion technology and bleaching and disinfecting product Ozonit Performance. The combination of these 2 components reduces the total costs of the laundry process and achieves and excellent washing results at 60°C while delivering perfectly disinfected textiles. 
PERformance® 60 will deliver more efficiency, save water & energy and help improve your productivity.

performance 60 D+
Elimination of pathogen contamination from textiles is one of the relevant parameters for assessing the performance of a washing process. PERformance® 60 D+ solution delivers proven efficacy on bacteria, yeast, and viruses, based on registered processes and is efficient against SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Emulsion technology of Ecolab

Detergent vs Emulsion
unique formulation
Ecolab Emulsion technology is designed to offer the most powerful and concentrated detergent for the laundry industry.
Due to innovative formulation and specific production method, the microscopic particles of the emulsion penetrates the textiles much deeper and remove different soiling more efficient than classical detergents. The technology also provides outstanding rinsing properties and allows the suppression of 1-2 rinse steps, resulting in reduction of water consumption and increase of laundry productivity.
Emulsion Technology is suitable for all textile types, including healthcare linen.  

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