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Commercial Pest Control for Flies


To protect your facility from bothersome and unsanitary large flies, install the STEALTH™ LED Fly Light to attract flies and other flying insects. This equipment features an LED lamp which attracts flies and other flying insects into the fly trap. Once inside the trap they are caught on a glue board. This non-pesticide innovation quickly removes flies from your facility using 60% less energy than our legacy fly light equipment.

Attracting Flies Away from Food Operation

The STEALTHTM LED Fly Light is Ecolab's new fly removal technology designed for the interior of a facility.  The STEALTHTM LED Fly Light has a smaller footprint and consumes 60% less energy than our legacy fly light models. 

This LED light can attract flies up to 12 feet away at any angle where view of the light is not blocked by another object(s). Once inside the trap, flies are caught on a strong glue board and can't escape. This means fewer flies bothering your customers and employees - and fewer chances of diseases being spread throughout your establishment.

As an integral part of Ecolab's Large Fly programme, this equipment is essential for discrete fly removal. For a clean, safe and healthy environment for your customers and employees, get the STEALTHTM LED Fly Light to stay ahead of fly problems.

Our new STEALTHTM LED FLY LIGHT received the National Restaurant Association's Kitchen Innovation Award in 2017.

Stealth LED Fly Light Demo

Our proprietary STEALTHTM LED Fly Light helps reduce flies and uses 60% less energy compared to traditional fly lights. 

Image of the outside-in approach.
benefit of outside-in approach

Implementing a comprehensive programme utilizing an Outside-In Approach can greatly improve your efforts towards large fly prevention in your facility.