Water Experts

Ecolab provides expertise for industrial water use, and our innovation and service model drives best practice insights in a wide range of industries.

Emilio Tenuta, BS, MBA

Emilio Tenuta is Vice President of Corporate Sustainability for Ecolab. He is responsible for linking Ecolab’s market strategy with the company’s sustainable solutions delivered through partnerships with more than 1.3 million customers in more than 170 countries.

Geoff Townsend, PhD

Dr Geoff Townsend is an Industry Fellow for Ecolab. He engages in the strategic direction of Ecolab’s water and energy related innovation with a particular emphasis on enabling our customers to meet the challenges associated with water scarcity and water quality constraints while minimising the financial and environmental impact.

Meredith Englund
Meredith Englund

Meredith Englund is vice president of Water Partnerships at Ecolab Inc., where she leads engagements with other multinationals, NGOs, coalitions, and innovators to help bring scale to corporate action around the global water crisis and its intersection with climate change.