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Mitigating Risk From COVID-19 in Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Manufacturing


Live Webinar Presentation

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many manufacturers to revisit the risk assessment of their pharmaceutical and personal care operations and determine what can be done to assure protection of employees and minimise cross-contamination of product. This presentation will discuss issues of concern from the Coronavirus pandemic relating to employee safety and manufacturing controls, along with recommendations for mitigating these concerns. Additionally, we will discuss the manufacturing environment and business activities that support health and safety.

Mitigating Risk From COVID-19


David Keen - Director of Pharmaceutical Microbiology
Don Singer - Senior Microbiology Technical Consultant


  • Manufacturing Considerations
    • Mitigating risk in manufacturing environment
    • Mitigating risk in critical support functions
    • Protecting employees in manufacturing support activities
  • General Spaces
    • How to protect your workforce
    • Cleaning and disinfection strategy for unclassified/admin areas
    • Second sourcing of suppliers and auditing