Urban Water Blueprint

Through our commitment to The Nature Conservancy, we are proud to be the lead sponsor of their Urban Water Blueprint:  Mapping conservation solutions to the global water challenge.

In order to truly address the world's water challenges, we all need to take bigger, bolder steps to conserve water and reduce impacts on the quality and quantity of water available.

The Urban Water Blueprint provides a roadmap that demonstrates how investing in natural solutions, in addition to engineered solutions, can help address fresh water challenges facing cities around the world.

By implementing strategies outlined in the Urban Water Blueprint, cities can see significant return on natural investments to improve local water sources.

Find out how natural solutions can benefit more than 700 million people living in the world's largest cities in the Urban Water Blueprint, including 30 of China's fastest growing, large cities in the China Urban Water Blueprint.

China Urban Water Blueprint

Released on 18 April 2016, the China Urban Water Blueprint provides a scientific understanding of the current status of urban water sources and the potential for nature-based conservation in China. This report surveyed the source water catchments of the 30 fastest growing, large cities in China and compared and analyzed the effectiveness and economic valuation of nature-based conservation as compared to engineered solutions.

Global Water Summit 2014
The Nature Conservancy’s Global Water Summit in Chicago, IL, 18 November 2014, when the global Urban Water Blueprint was first released:  Doug Shaw, assistant state director of The Nature Conservancy in Minnesota; Mark Tercek, CEO of The Nature Conservancy; Tim Mulhere, executive vice president and president of Global Water and Process Services for Ecolab; Kris Taylor, vice president community relations for Ecolab .