Civic and Community Development

Our contributions to civic and community development organizations help strengthen the core of the communities where Ecolab employees live and work.

Ecolab not only responds to the needs of those living in poverty, but also places a strong emphasis on working to address the causes of those problems: affordable housing, work readiness, crisis assistance and hunger relief.

As a way to expand upon foundation grants to organizations that address these issues, Ecolab locations host food drives throughout the year and employees volunteer at U.S. national Feeding American food shelves and with Habitat for Humanity. 

In 2017, employees across the U.S. volunteered 670 hours at Feeding America food banks and these efforts were supported with grants totaling more than $37,000.  Additionally, 3,500 hours of employee volunteer time was focused on refurbishing and building homes with Habitat for Humanity, and grants totaling $125,000 supported Habitat locations across the U.S.

Ecolab volunteers in Florida build a house with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Miami.
Ecolab and Second Harvest Heartland working together to provide hunger relief throughout our community.