Our RestoProtect programme is designed for full-service restaurants to help you prevent pests before they have the chance to threaten your customers' safety and damage your reputation. Pest problems will result in low sanitation grades from health inspections, and can quickly become a public relations nightmare if it becomes known that there is evidence of pests in the establishment. Our Service Specialists will deliver comprehensive coverage with proven results.
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Ecolab Pest Elimination serves facilities management, hospitality, foodservice, food & beverage processing, food retail, healthcare as well as government and education.

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Pest Elimination for Restaurants

RestoProtectTM and RestoProtect PlusTM is a bundled programme covering the most common pests you face in a full service restaurant: rodents, cockroaches, small flies and ants. Using our scientifically proven protocols and delivering consistent service by our highly trained Service Specialists, we help prevent pests before they have the chance to threaten your customers' safety and damage your brand.

RestoProtect:  guaranteed to protect you against more pests:

  • Fully inclusive pricing - inspectionn , monitoring and all monitor boxes included, with no hidden extras inpection, monitoring and monitor boxes, with no hidden extras
  • Restaurant bill refund - if a customer spots a rodent or cockroach in your restaurant*
  • Partnership Guarantee agaist rodents and cockroaches - your assurance of effective service or one month's service refund
  • Montioring, inspection and reporting - on the pests that could threaten your business
  • MyEcolab customer web portal - fast, easy, secure access to service and trend reports

RestoProtect covers you for all these pests:

  • Rats & Mice - inspection, inbternal and external monitor boxes and minor proofing
  • Cockroaches - inspections, treatment of pests and harbourage sites to prevent reinfestation
  • Small Flies - spot treatment of existing population and habitats, structural and hygiene advice to prevent reinfestation
  • Garden Ants - proactive, targeted applications and residual treatments to eliminate ants
  • Wasps - non-toxic wasp station eliminate wasps from high risk areas
  • Casual Intruders - monitoring and elimination of Silverfish, House Crickets, Ground Beetles, Woodlice, Centipedes, Earwigs, Millepedes

RestoProtect Plus gives you unique external protection from:

  • Wasps - non-toxic wasp stations eliminate wasps from outside dining areas
  • Flies - exclusive patented technology keeps flies away from dining customers
  • Biting Flies - odourless traps protect you customers from midges and mosquitoes

Recomendations on preventative measures for hygiene and structural issues conducive to pests, and action-driven reporting, after each and every service visits.


Just one rodent sighting can shut down your business. Ecolab’s rodent prevention and elimination programme protects your facility from rats and mice. More


Cockroaches carry and spread disease. Trust an Ecolab Service Specialist to kill cockroaches and make sure they don't come back. More


With their potential to bite, sting and contaminate food, ants are more than just a nuisance. Ecolab’s ant elimination programme offers customised treatments to fit your pest control needs. More

Small Flies

Small flies can live in your facility year round and have a major impact on your business. Ecolab provides unmatched expertise with a proprietary approach that defends against small fly infestations. More

Large Flies

Large flies are known to spread disease, so managing them is critically important for establishments that handle or process food.  Ecolab's large fly programme helps reduce the pressure of flies on the exterior of your facility and eliminate flies on the interior. More

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