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Industrial carpet cleaning solutions, service, and on-site training to help keep your carpets looking like new. Choose from commercial carpet cleaners, stain removers, odour eliminators and more. 
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Carpeting presents unique challenges to any operation

Foot traffic and equipment take a toll on carpets:

  • Guests judge your location by the cleanliness and smell of the carpets
  • Conventional methods of maintaining carpets can be time-consuming, labour intensive and disruptive
  • Training new staff on proper carpet care procedures can be difficult to coordinate and complete

Our industry-leading solutions, service and on-site training can help you maintain your investment and keep carpets looking new:

  • Well maintained carpets are appealing to guests and help improve your image
  • Ecolab enables you to create the best possible experience at the lowest possible cost
  • Proven solutions help minimise employee and guest safety concerns
  • Clean carpets improve indoor air quality for guests and employees


Daily cleaning is the most important part of any carpet care programme. Proper walk-off mats are the first line of defence and the best way to prevent soil from reaching the carpet. Regular vacuuming and prompt spot removal guard against fibre-damaging soils and unappealing stains.


Ecolab’s carpet cleaning solutions help create a bright, uniform appearance for carpets with minimal downtime. Great for high traffic areas to prolong time between restorative cleaning. When carpet no longer responds to interim cleaning, deep cleaning is required to remove dirt and soil all the way to the carpet backing.


Ecolab offers a wide variety of additional solutions to help maintain your carpet's appearance over time and help make cleaning easier

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