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water filtration solution

The AquaBatch is designed for in-line filtration in the pre-wash, main wash or rinse zone of a tunnel washer. The Aquabatch uses a single step disk-filtration system to remove fibers, hair and other particles directly in-line and to improve the quality of the washed textile reducing the water and energy requirements. The water extracted from one tunnel chamber is filtered in average 3 timers (depending on the cycle time) for each cycle.

Main features:

  • reliable disk filtration system
  • automatic self cleaning
  • stainless steel components
  • water flow up to 18 m3/h
  • fully automated
  • low maintenance
  • filtration level can be customized using different filtration disks
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Equipment Details


Specification Value
1600-2200 High, 1560 long, 800 mm wide
3 x 400V+N+E
Power Max

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