As a global leader in keeping food safe, Ecolab is proud to sponsor this year’s GFSI Global Food Safety Conference. The annual event brings together over 800 food safety specialists and industry experts from over 50 countries to advance food safety globally.

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As a sponsor, Ecolab will host a Food Safety Discovery Bus Tour, a special educational session, and more.

Food Safety Discovery Bus Tour

On Tuesday, March 3, Ecolab will sponsor the Food Safety Discovery Tour, a full-day bus tour to Aeon, Cargill and Nestlé facilities. Attendees will see Malaysian food safety management behind the scenes and experience food safety best practices in action from farm to fork. Seats are limited, so register now.

Special Session Hosted by Ecolab

On Thursday, March 5 at 8:15 – 9:15 a.m., Dr. Zhinong Yan, food safety director for Asia-Pacific at Ecolab, will co-present with Ms. Jiang Hong, general manager of national quality for China Resources Vanguard in a special session on achieving food safety through shared responsibility. Together, they will discuss the many challenges of ensuring food safety globally, at a country level and at a business level.

Dr. Yan will explore global food safety trends and challenges impacting China and share updates on China’s standards development and science-based risk assessment. Ms. Hong will share examples of how Vanguard, a large supermarket chain in China, ensures food safety. They also will explain some approaches that have proven successful for advancing food safety, such as supplier partnerships, industry initiatives and training programs.

Other Activities

During the conference, Ecolab will highlight its food safety solutions at booths #36 and #38. In addition, Ecolab experts Tom Ford, vice president of food safety, and Tatiana Lorca, senior manager of food safety education and training for food & beverage, will participate in GFSI technical working group meetings.